An Afternoon in Berlin: Giorgi Latsabidze Plays Waghalter Piano Pieces

Giorgi Latsabidze playing pieces by Ignatz Waghalter in Berlin.

Many followers of this site have asked, after listening to Waghalter’s Remembrance, whether there are other piano pieces by my grandfather that could be posted. Yes, there are. On a rainy afternoon in December 2014, Giorgi Latsabidze had met me at a Steinway Hall in Berlin to look through Waghalter piano compositions. Giorgi is not only a prodigious sight-reader. He also possesses the ability to perceive, almost instinctively, the emotional ambience of the piece. At a certain point, realizing that these moments should not be lost, I began recording with my cell phone.

The recording began just as Giorgi began playing the Le Reve d’un Rossignol, one of a set of three piece (Opus 13) composed by Waghalter in 1908.

The second piece is a piano transcription prepared by Waghalter of thematic material from the overture from the Third Act of his 1923 opera, Sataniel.



La Reve d’un Rossignol


Piano transcription of a theme from the opera Sataniel

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